Box Beam Roll Forming Machine Box Beam Roll Forming Machine Box beam roll forming machine productive process mainly includes: decoiling→ leveling→ roll forming→ shape fixing→ welding→cutting→ output. The whole line can achieve a variety of functions by online operation with one person; Product precision is high, appearance quality is good, equipment performance is stable.

Box beam roll forming machine is used for manufacturing the box beam which shall be installed on the side of the rack so that usually rack roll forming machine will coordinate with rack roll forming machine during the production. The box beam can share the load-bearing with the stand upright of the rack and satisfy various carriage requirement. It is widely used in storage and logistics shelf systempallet rack, cantilever rack, mobile rack and so on.
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Fast Speed Tile Roll Forming Machine Fast Speed Tile Roll Forming Machine WEIHUA newly developed fast speed roof tile roll forming machine speed can reach to 10m/min. This machine is mainly composed of decoiler, feeding guide device, roll forming machine, hydraulic pressing device, hydraulic cutting device, output table, hydraulic system and electrical control system, etc. We can also offer the optional equipment such as automatic stacker. This machine is controlled by PLC control system with fixed-scale automatic tracking cutting. The operation is easy to carry out through the touch screen and has high degree of automation. Customers can set the panel length and quantity for cutting in advance which economizes on manpower.
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Numerical Control Punching Curve Machine Numerical Control Punching Curve Machine This set adopts cantalever-type structure, while punching, the sheet can go to the punching mould from side face and it also can be taken out from the side after finishing. This structure is good for some abnormal punching. Nip-sending device adopts forward motor, linear track, and gear rack to nip and send the panel. Each punching distance has the same feeding distance. It also adopts the cylinder for clamping.
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Roll Forming Machine of Discontinuous Production Line Roll Forming Machine of Discontinuous Production Line Roll forming machine of discontinuous sandwich panel production line productive process mainly includes: manual decoiling→ feeding with guide → roll forming → cutting into length → output with table. 

The whole line can achieve a variety of functions by online operation with one person; Product precision is high, appearance quality is good, equipment performance is stable. The structure is the same as roll forming machine in the continuous line, double output shaft structure, hang rollers on both sides of the machine cabinet, lifting roll assembly changes the specification, changing profile is very convenient.
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Discontinuous 1+1 PU Pressing Machine Discontinuous 1+1 PU Pressing Machine The 1+1 discontinuous production line mainly consists of roll forming machine, foaming machine, pressing machine. The equipment has good flexibility, performance that can switch to different specifications quickly. It is suitable for company that needs to produce small quantities but different kinds of production. The requirement of the factory area is low, and the initial investment is small. This product is very suitable for discontinuous mass production. 
This new designed equipment is aimed at solving material spreading method to improve efficiency, that is to say, the equipment combines the excellent material spreading method of continuous line and low investment cost of a discontinuous line(taking advantage of the advantages of the two processes). Material spreading adopts material rake, workpiece is fixed, material rake moves. The successful use of this production line in the discontinuous production process is a revolutionary breakthrough, with milestone significance.
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Discontinuous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine Discontinuous 3+3 PU Pressing Machine 3+3 pressing machine greatly reduces the workers labor intensity, save labor time, and increase production efficiency. This machine requires no foundation work, which results in less site area and reduced capital investment. This device uses a contact heater, can set the pre-heating time and also can automatically disconnect the power supply during the worker's operation, make sure safe and reliability. This equipment adopts left and right alternate pressing. The left mold is in the process of pressing. The worker operates the right mold. When the right mold is used for pressing, the left mold is assembled. The time of one cycle greatly improves the working efficiency. The hydraulic system features self-starting and self-stop technology. The machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, use human-computer interface and easy to operate.
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Composite Rail Sleeper Continuous Production Line Composite Rail Sleeper Continuous Production Line Normal Rail Sleeper has following disadvantages: 1)the strength and durability of traditional wooden sleeper is not uniform enough, which makes the service life of wooden sleepers short; 2) the hardness of reinforced concrete sleepers is large, so its elasticity is poor, and the effect of noise reduction and shock absorption is also poor. After a period of use, it is easy to crack, which affects the safe operation of the railway; 3)Steel sleepers are bulky, which makes the laying, maintenance and transportation inconvenient. And the manufacturing cost of steel sleepers is very high.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of the above traditional sleepers, through continuous development and innovation, Weihua has developed a new composite sleeper production line. The glass fiber reinforced polyurethane composite sleepers have good elasticity, greatly improving the overall elasticity of the track structure, reducing the vibration impact on the subgrade and noise pollution on the environment during train operation; good insulation performance, no impact on the track circuit It has any impact, ensuring the safe operation of the train; at the same time, it has the excellent characteristics of hydrolysis resistance and grease resistance, as well as the unique weathering resistance to the weathering environment.
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Double Sheets Roll Forming Machine Double Sheets Roll Forming Machine Equipment includes: de-coiler, feeding guide device, main roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting device, PLC computer control system, hydraulic system. The optional device can be automatic stacker for two profiles. The products produced by the double-layer roll forming machine have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, large load-bearing and good seismic resistance. It is widely used in the field of high-rise steel structure buildings.

The electric control system with touch screen display is used for double-layer roll forming equipment, which is easy to operate. The double-layer roll forming equipment is economical and can synthesize two models of equipment into one. That is to say, the floor area is saved, and the equipment cost of double-layer roll forming machine is far lower than that of two single-layer machines.
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Automatic Door Panel Production Line Automatic Door Panel Production Line Automatic door panel production line is a comprehensive production line which is designed and manufactured according to an Australian customer's requirement on our own,including double-head 180 degree alternative decoiler, wood-grain embossing machine, levelling machine, servo nip sending and strainghtening machine, press machine, hydraulic punching machine, pre-cutter,conveyor, rib former, edge cutting and crush machine,scrap conveyor, roll forming machine,online label marking mahcine,auto stacker and packing machine. Learn More
Cabinet PU Foaming Machine Cabinet PU Foaming Machine This machine finds practical application in the production of cabinets for industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration. The line have the advantage of elegant appearance, compact structure, less environmental pollution, small labor intensity, high efficiency, various compatibility, etc. Learn More
Four Components Pu Foaming Machine Four Components Pu Foaming Machine Foaming machine is the core part of the continuous sandwich panel production line which directly affects the quality of production panel. Due to the difficulty of foaming technology and the inability to see the foaming process, it was veiled with a mysterious veil. Learn More
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