Soft Substrate System Soft Substrate System In July,2012, Weihua provided the whole set of flexible surface sandwich panel line to Nanjing Hongbaoli Co., Ltd., which has multiterm of top-level patent technology, such as side seal of sandwich panel, up & down surface material deviation correction centering and detecting, surface material connection and energy-saving of double-belt conveyor. Learn More
Up and down decoiler for Soft Substrate Surface Material Up and down decoiler for Soft Substrate Surface Material As the production line is only used for soft substrate, we suggest to place the up and down decoilers on the ground straightly. Learn More
Side Sealing Device Side Sealing Device The side sealing devices is our patented technology which can reduce the waste of the chemical material and breakcthe traditional side sealing technology both at home and abroad. Learn More
Automatic Tracking Disk Saw Automatic Tracking Disk Saw Disk saw contains encoder servo tracking device, disk saw, working table, dust-extraction unit, adjustable roller, fast roller and so on. Learn More
Soft Substrate Horizontal Cutting Device Soft Substrate Horizontal Cutting Device Soft and hard layer horizontal cutting device is used for cutting the large size panel from the production line into finished product Learn More
Soft Substrate Auto Stacker Soft Substrate Auto Stacker 1)Auto stacker system is composed of conveyor roller, pushing device, lifting mechanism and stacking transverse etc. Learn More
Thermoplastic Film Wrapping Machine Thermoplastic Film Wrapping Machine After the stacked panels go into the wrapping machine through the transmission rollers, cover the thin film on the composite boards. Learn More
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