“Quality for Survivor, innovation for Advance" is our company principle and “win-win” is the common goal of you and me, we keep seeking new breakthroughs for customer products quality. Based on many years’ research and practice, we prove that in order to produce high quality sandwich panel with same material, the line should meet the following three main conditions: 1) double belt conveyor with high precision, running steadily and good synchronism between up and down belts, 2) foaming machine with material good mixture and even foam, 3) solve various bad effects to panel during the forming process.

Aimed at above requests, our company made some technical improvements on our machines: 1) double belt conveyor adopts two-stage transmission, by small chain wheel driving shifting block, then by shifting block driving double belt. All belts are processed with high precision to reduce chain transmission polygonal action and keep the plainness precision. 2) foaming machine adopts twin-stage type to mix catalysts, foaming agent and polyol in high-efficient stirring emulsor, then atomized mixing by high pressure with isocyanat. 3) roll forming machine design adopts Germany COPRA software, combined with actual optimization and suitable forming stations. After finish machining, the roller surface coated with chrome by slow-plating technics to keep the adhesion and hardness. The rollers are processed in numerical control machining centre in one step and grinded in the mirror grinder to improve the smooth finish. This kind of roller treatment can reduce the inner stress release and guarantee the flatness of panels during the forming period.


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